The "Taste of Streetsville" Menu


Jing Thai Restaurant

(Special Dinner for Two)


Chicken or Vegetable Tom Yum Soup


Thai Vegetable Spring Rolls
(2 pieces)

Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce
(2 pieces)

Thai Mango Salad


Main Courses
(*Select two dishes from the following choices*)

Cashew chicken with vegetables
Thai spicy basil beef/chicken
Spicy tofu with vegetables
Thai red curry beef/chicken
Chicken/beef Pad Thai
Thai vegetable fried rice with basil
Thai spicy fish
Bangkok fried rice
Mango chicken


$30.00 + tax and gratuity

Note: No substitution. Please advise our staffs in advance regarding any dietary restrictions/allergies.
*Refers to two dishes to share amongst the table, not two dishes per person